Social innovation initiatives of NGOs in a Hungarian disadvantaged area

Varga, Krisztina [Varga, Krisztina (Gazdálkodás- és s...), szerző] Vezetéstudományi Intézet (ME / GTK); Tóth, Géza [Tóth, Géza (Társadalomföldrajz), szerző] Világ- és Regionális Gazdaságtan Intézet (ME / GTK)

Angol nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
  • Regionális Tudományok Bizottsága: B hazai
The study examines social innovation endeavours initiated by non-profit organisations in the Abaúji region53. Addressing the challenges facing the region (emigration, ageing, unemployment and educational inequalities) requires the accurate identification of local needs and the involvement of the population in decision-making. One of the tools for these initiatives is social innovation and support for social innovation endeavours. The key actors in the social innovation process are non-profit organisations (NGOs), which see social innovation primarily as a mission. The aim of our study is to present social innovation solutions initiated by NGOs in the region and to explore the possibility of their adaptation as good practice. The study alsoidentifies the main sets of criteria that, in addition to providing a structured record of each case study, will help to make good practices comparable. Documentation against the identified criteria will support the process of adaptation, which is critical to the successful implementation of social innovation initiatives.
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2024-05-22 06:52