PIXE analysis of Late Bronze Age situlae from the eponymous Hajdúböszörmény-Csege-halom I hoard and Sényő-Dajkahegy, Northeastern Hungary

Tarbay, János Gábor; Dani, János [Dani, János (Régészet), szerző] Régészeti Tanszék (SZTE / BTK / TI); Bálint, Mariann; Kertész, Zsófia [Kertész, Zsófia (Ionnyaláb analiti...), szerző] Atommagkutató Intézet; Szikszai, Zita [Szikszai, Zita (Ionnyaláb-analiti...), szerző] Atommagkutató Intézet; Papp, Enikő [Papp, Enikő Ivett (Környezetkutató), szerző] Atommagkutató Intézet; Lukács, Balázs; Angyal, Anikó [Angyal, Anikó (környezetkutató f...), szerző] Atommagkutató Intézet

Angol nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
Megjelent: ARCHEOLOGICKE ROZHLEDY 0323-1267 75 (3) pp. 278-292 2024
  • Művészettörténeti Tudományos Bizottság: A
  • SJR Scopus - Archeology (arts and humanities): Q2
The paper introduces the particle-induced X-ray emission analysis (PIXE) of two Hajdúböszörmény-type situlae from the eponymous Hajdúböszörmény I hoard (collection of the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest) and Sényő (collection of the Jósa András Museum, Nyíregyháza). Both situlae are representative types of the period between 1080 and 960 BC, Ha B1, or the ‘Hajdúböszörmény hoard horizon’ of the Hungarian Late Bronze Age. The obtained results are significant in that they are the very first to characterise the classic Hajdúböszörmény-type situla from their core distribution area, i.e., the region where this metal vessel type was presumably produced. The paper is focused on a description of the elemental composition of these tin bronze vessels, with particular attention on the grouping of their accompanying elements and the ratio of tin. The PIXE results suggest that a rather homogenous raw material was used to produce and repair these objects, which can be correlated with the CG16 Copper Group. The ratio of tin was relatively high, mostly around 9–10 wt%; low values were only identified on one of the repaired parts of the Sényő situla and a secondarily attached copper rivet.
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2024-07-14 19:12