30 Years of the Visegrad Group. Volume 3

Kancik-Kołtun, Ewelina [ed.]

English Study collection (Book) Scientific
Published: Marie Curie-Skłodowska University Press, Lublin, Poland, 198 p. 2023
    The book is dedicated to the topic and relevant issue, namely the impact of the war in Ukraine on the policy of the Visegrad Group countries. Collective monography deals with various aspects of relationship. The above-mentioned covering of various aspects (international relations, asylum policy, aid, including military supplements, institutional assistance, parliamentary political debates, security policy, strategic environment, hybrid threats, media attention) makes the relatively heterogeneous character of the book. The book can be characterized as a fruitful contribution to recent academic research on the regional impact of the war and the political situation in East Central Europe. It can be used mainly in the following scientific disciplines: political science, international relations, security and strategic studies, area studies, and media I communication studies. The book could also be helpful for decision-makers, journalists, and the educative sphere, including diplomatic education.
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