Augmented and virtual reality mirror therapy system for hand rehabilitation in stroke patients

Spahn, Agustin A. ✉; Martinez, Cesar E.; Albornoz, Enrique M.

Angol nyelvű Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet) Tudományos
    Nowadays, it is increasingly common for neurophysiological rehabilitation therapies to be carried out assisted by systems that allow friendly interactions with patients. Many of them are oriented towards challenges, games, or interactions that try to capture the patient's attention and generate a pleasant setting for performing routines. In this work, a system to conduct mirror therapy through different augmented and virtual reality games was developed, in which the movements of the healthy hand are replicated in a virtual hand. The patient can perform different routines focused on the movements of the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers, which differ by the degree of mobility that the person has and the rehabilitation phase in which they are. In addition, the system includes a module that allows recording and consulting information about the patient's performance, making easier for specialists to carry out an evaluation and monitoring of the progress. The system is currently under evaluation by clinicians with patients, reaching satisfactory results in preliminary tests.
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    2024-07-13 06:17