Towards better employability

Soproni, Zsuzsanna [Soproni, Zsuzsanna (Nyelvpedagógia), szerző] IBS Nemzetközi Üzleti Főiskola

Angol nyelvű Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet) Tudományos
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    Abstract The paper introduces an innovative model for the teaching of employability skills at a higher education institution. The model is based the research results of a project conducted in collaboration with, a recruitment portal, which brought the introduction of the Upskill programme with six new modules: written communication skills, oral communication skills, quantitative skills, analytical skills, organisation and IT skills. This paper will discuss the literature on employability skills, and the Upskill programme, with particular focus on one level of the oral communication skills module. The Upskill programme was launched at International Business School (Budapest and Vienna), which is a private college offering bachelor, master and PhD programmes validated by UK universities. The challenges met in the first three years will also be discussed: the heterogeneity of groups, organisational difficulties, student perceptions and the need to move the module online during the pandemic.
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    2023-06-03 10:04