Possibilities of recession curve analysis in karst water management, Gömör-Torna Karst, Hungary and Slovakia

Veronika, Iván [Iván, Veronika (Hidrogeológia), author] PhD School of Earth Sciences (ELTE / ELU FoS); Judit, Mádl-Szőnyi [Mádlné Szőnyi, Judit (Hidrogeológia), author] ELTETTKFFI FTK Department of Physical and Appli... (ELTE / ELU FoS)

English Scientific Abstract (Journal Article)
Published: GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH ABSTRACTS 1029-7006 1607-7962 2018 Paper: EGU2018-14399 2018
Conference: EGU General Assembly 2018 2018-04-08 [Wien, Vienna, Austria]
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