Survey on unvaccinated elderly people during the Covid-19 pandemic. The patterns of sandwich generation and the age transition to old age

Kaszás, Adrienn; Pék, Győző; Őrsi, Balázs [Őrsi, Balázs (Pszichológia), szerző]

Angol nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
Megjelent: MAGYAR GERONTOLÓGIA 2062-3682 2062-3690 13 (40) pp. 2-18 2021
    The article focuses on the most important aspects of the first processing of the Hungarian results. The study involved 507 individuals: 117 men, 380 women, 2 individuals identified as ‘other’, and 8 respondents did not want to answer this question. The data processing shows that a large number of non-vaccinated people do not believe that they are at risk of developing COVID-19 virus. 42% of the non-vaccinated are very sure that the vaccine will not work, and 30.6% are afraid that they will become infected because of the vaccine. They do not feel safe after vaccinations and are afraid of the undiscovered consequences, and have more confidence in their natural immunity. 61.8% would not require the vaccine for themselves, nor in the future. 67.3% want to wait to see how vaccines work in other people. During processing, those with a specific anti-vaccinationist attitude could be identified and their profile was drawn. During the analysis, important aspects were identified for the development of effective communication strategies with the unvaccinated elderly. Highlighting the patterns of sandwich generation and the age transition to old age was also important aspect of analysis.
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