Kelta telep Vörsről

Németh, Péter Gergely

Magyar nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
    On the course of the excavations at Vörs, LittleBalaton this is where the greatest number of Celtic objects were found: a total of 6 houses and 4 pits. Four houses of the site (Objects D., G., J. and U.) are situated in the northern part of the island, while two houses (Objects AE. and AI.) are 100 m south of the previous ones. The pits (Objects AJ., A1. and A2.) are near them. In this part as well as between the two clusters of houses, in the Mediaeval Object C. and around a number of Celtic ceramic fragments were uncovered. It is possible that in both places there were pits or houses close to the surface. Object AJ is to be considered as uncertain. The dating of Objects A3-5. to the Celtic Age is questionable. Based on the finds, the site can be dated to Period LTB2-C.
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    2024-05-22 07:38