Etnológiai adatok Vörs-Papkert B koraközépkori temető sírjaiban talált állatcsontmellékletek régészeti és archaeozoológiai értékeléséhez

Szabó, Géza [Szabó, Géza (Régészet), szerző]; Bozi, Róbert

Magyar nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
    During our investigations focusing on the horse burials of the medieval Vörs-Papkert cemetery, we noticed phenomena that can be evaluated by knowledge of the customs and ethnographic parallels still practiced in eastern areas. This time, we would like to draw attention to only a few aspects that may provide useful information on a wider scale during the processing of similar finds. Based on some specific examples and phenomena, as well as our field observations and traditions in the steppes and the Caucasus, we try to point out the possible close connection between the animal body parts placed in the grave and the message they carry.
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    2024-05-20 04:35