Performance analysis of a novel oil-free rotary compressor

Farkas, B [Farkas, Balázs (Áramlástan), szerző] Áramlástan Tanszék (BME / GPK); Suda, J M [Suda, Jenő Miklós (Áramlástan), szerző] Áramlástan Tanszék (BME / GPK)

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  • SJR Scopus - Energy Engineering and Power Technology: Q2
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A novel rotating piston-type compressor is presented. The conventional rolling piston architecture was redesigned to allow oil-free operation. The spring activated vane was replaced by a directly driven swinging vane to provide constant contact to the rotating piston. The model of the compressor was implemented in the AMESim simulation platform. Experiments were conducted on prototypes and the data were evaluated based on the simulation results. Directly unobservable geometric dimensions were estimated by adjusting the mathematical model parameters to the measured thermodynamic state variables with the use of a multi-parametric genetic algorithm. The simple genetic algorithm proved fast and adequate solutions. According to the collected results, the oil-free rotating piston architecture is significantly more sensitive to the sealing clearances compared to the conventional oil lubricated rolling piston compressors. Therefore, the theoretically estimated performance can only be achieved with extremely small manufacturing tolerances, which has to be maintained during the operation.
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2022-10-04 06:50