Chapter 19 - Soil CO2 Emissions in a Long-Term Tillage Treatment Experiment A2 - Muñoz, María Ángeles

Tóth, Eszter [Tóth, Eszter (talajtan), szerző] Talajfizikai és Vízgazdálkodási Osztály (ATK / TAKI); Gelybó, Györgyi [Gelybó, Györgyi (Agrometeorológia), szerző] Talajfizikai és Vízgazdálkodási Osztály (ATK / TAKI); Dencső, Márton [Dencső, Márton (környezetvédelem), szerző] Talajfizikai és Vízgazdálkodási Osztály (ATK / TAKI); Kása, Ilona [Kása, Ilona (földrajz-földtudo...), szerző] Talajfizikai és Vízgazdálkodási Osztály (ATK / TAKI); Birkás, Márta [Birkás, Márta (Talajművelés és v...), szerző] Növénytermesztési Intézet (SZIE / MKK); Horel, Ágota [Horel, Ágota (környezetvédelem), szerző] Talajfizikai és Vízgazdálkodási Osztály (ATK / TAKI)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Könyvfejezet (Könyvrészlet)
    Abstract The aim of our study was to investigate the effect of plowing (P) and no-tillage (NT) management on soil CO2 emissions from an arable field (i.e., winter wheat) in a 13- year-old experiment. In 2015, CO2 measurements were taken weekly in P and NT during the growing season and biweekly during the dormant season using the static chamber technique. Measurements were more frequent in a 7-day campaign scheduled right before and immediately after a soil disturbance caused by plowing to detect the short-term effects of soil management on CO2 emissions. We investigated the relationship among soil CO2 emissions, soil temperature, and soil water content. Soil CO2 emissions increased during the vegetation period and were higher in NT than P, although they were only significant from jointing to maturity stages. In contrast, CO2 emissions were higher in P compared to NT at a relatively short but well-monitored measurement interval just after plowing. Long-term systematic plowing resulted in lower CO2 emissions than that in NT during vegetation season, but a sudden pulse in CO2 emissions were detected in P directly after soil disturbance caused by plowing. These observations indicate that plowing can temporarily have a major effect on soil CO2 emissions.
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