(Sport) professional competencies of students at ELTE Recreation BSc course

Magyar, Márton [Magyar, Márton (Turizmus-vendéglátás), author] Egészségfejlesztési és Sporttudományi Intézet (ELTE); Patakiné, Bősze Júlia [Patakiné Bősze, Júlia (Neveléstudomány, ...), author]

English Scientific Abstract (Chapter in Book)
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    There have been not so many studies on surveys of Hungarian Recreation BSc graduated students’ labour market careers or input competencies yet. About the development of their motor competencies a study was conducted in Szombathely (Polgár et al, 2016, Koltai et al, 2015, Polgár et al, 2015). Our goal is to present what kind of knowledge on branches of sport, foreign languages and informatical orientation is peculiar of the students studying at ELTE Recreation Management and Health Promotion BSc course in Budapest. Methods Our investigational database is the archives of Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University, in which the students have been registered their data between 2015 and 2017 (N = 415; n1 = 218; n2 = 187). ...
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