Large deformation properties of gels and model comminuted meat products containing lupin protein

Mavrakis, C; Doxastakis, G; Kiosseoglou, V ✉

English Article (Journal Article) Scientific
Published: JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE 0022-1147 1750-3841 68 (4) pp. 1371-1376 2003
  • SJR Scopus - Food Science: Q1
The fracture properties of Lupin seed protein isolate (LSPI) gels prepared by heat-treatment of protein dispersions have been studied at large deformations, by a uniaxial compression test. Fracture parameter values depended both on the method used for isolate preparation and the presence of sodium chloride. The results are explained in terms of LSPI composition and protein solubility. Incorporation of lupin isolate to a model comminuted meat-product system, resulted in a significant increase in fracture stress value while textural parameter values of the heated system such as hardness, fracturability, gumminess, and chewiness were also affected.
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