Fast Restorable ICT Network in Smart Power Optical Network by Using GMPLS Control Plane

Li, Weijian; Li, Bin ✉; Zeng, Ying; Fan, Bing; Tang, Liangrui

Angol nyelvű Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet) Tudományos
    Planning of complex grid ICT network keep relatively slow pace compared with development of power grid construction, while communication system is relatively independent with the grid, it also raised a number of communication resource redundancy problems, i.e., insufficient resources and overlay protection, etc. In this paper, we focus on the fast restoration of ICT network while maintain a relative high resource efficiency in the smart power optical network. In-depth study of communication system requirements is analysis based the electricity and future service development together with the grid rolling planning to complete the network organization of the next-generation transmission network. Meanwhile, GMPLS control plane is utilized to facilitate traditional survivability technologies and our proposed preset cycle with certain resource limit.
    Hivatkozás stílusok: IEEEACMAPAChicagoHarvardCSLMásolásNyomtatás
    2024-02-21 08:46