Tablettel támogatott oktatási intézményi implementáció

Czékmán, Balázs [Czékmán, Balázs (IKT az oktatásban), szerző] Nevelés- és Művelődéstudományi Intézet (DE / BTK)

Magyar nyelvű Tudományos Szaktanulmány (Könyvrészlet)
    • MTMT: 3264569
    Mobile devices due to their spreading and better accessibility are about to appear in the education not only abroad but in Hungary as well. From all of the mobile devices the tablet seems to remain owing to its portability, interactive connectivity, user-friendly usability and also instant accessibility (Clarke et al 2014). Even though the devices are spreading, their implementation into the education shows a various picture (see Bannister–Wilden 2013; Clarke et al. 2013; Montrieux et al. 2013). The successful institutional implementation has several considerable hinges. We review these ones in our study and we also give a Hungarian example of the implementation of a tablet supported education in our case-study. Our paper gives a detailed picture of the planning and execution of a mobile device supported project and also shows its challenges and realistic phases. Our essay gives insights into the planning of the project just as the selection and purchasing of the devices. It shows particularly the process of planning of the institutional infrastructure, the communication of the project, the professional development of the teachers and also the applied pedagogical and methodological aspects.
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    2021-08-05 04:00