Galectin-1 inhibitory preparations for delivery of drugs to solid tumors.

Monostori, Eva; Szebeni, Gabor; Blasko, Andrea; Gercso, Andras Tibor Mrs; Kovacs, Solyom Ferenc; Fajka-Boja, Roberta; Uher, Ferenc [Uher, Ferenc (Őssejtbiológia, i...), szerző]; Krenacs, Laszlo; Joo, Gabriella; Tubak, Vilmos; Martinek, Tamas [Martinek, Tamás (Gyógyszerkémia), szerző]

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Magyar szabadalom (Oltalmi formák)
Megjelent: 2011
    • MTMT: 3258698
    Galectin-1 (Gal-1) has been identified as an important factor in mesenchymal primordial cells (MSC) and it is responsible for apoptosis of T-cells. When Gal-1 of the cell surface is removed, it results in abatement of the MSC-induced T-cell apoptosis status. The Gal-1 is not secreted into the cell proliferating culture medium and it does not exist as a sol. protein, and moreover, the MSC-bound Gal-1 is translocated into the targeted T-cells through direct cell-to-cell coactions. These results show that galectin-1 is one of the most important T-cell-cytotoxic factor in MSCs, being thus a target for cancer therapy. The invention relates to a variant of the genetically modified MSC, modified in such a way that it is unable to express and/or secrete Gal-1, , which variant is able to express and/or secrete a galectin-1 inhibitor, advantageously an oligopeptide or polypeptide. The invention relates also to the applications of MSC as carriers for inserting polypeptides into cells of a solid tumor or to kits for inserting polypeptides into tumors or into micro-environment of a tumor. [on SciFinder(R)]
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