Discussion on multilane roundabout driving strategy

Hang, Cao [Cao, Hang (vehicle engineering), szerző]; Mate, Zoldy [Zöldy, Máté (Belsőégésű motoro...), szerző] Gépjárműtechnológia Tanszék (BME / KJK)

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    In this paper, we discuss the driving strategy and behavior framework that can significantly improve the transaction of traffic in roundabout and mobility for autonomous vehicles. A reference planning layer first generates kinematically on the road. Then a behavioral planning layer takes conflict points and dynamic obstacles into account, make the foundation for vehicles interaction and communication. This paper is structured as follows: Sections I emphasize roundabouts' role and analyze the unique structure and characteristics. It is responsible for designing a scenario model that is intelligible for decision-making at roundabouts. A representation based on a multi-level structure is proposed. Section II proposes the driving behavior action process framework in a hierarchical architecture, based on the following structure: Mission - Maneuver - Motion. Section Ⅲ focuses on an emergency case at the entrance conflict area and shows how the Bezier curve replans the path in realtime. This ensures safety and traffic rules compliance while offering generalization capabilities to address new complex scenarios. Conclusions and future works are proposed in section IV.
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    2022-01-26 22:39