Advances on the rapid and multiplex detection methods of food allergens

Xu, Jiayuan; Ye, Yongli; Ji, Jian; Sun, Jiadi; Sun, Xiulan ✉

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With the gradually increasing prevalence of food allergy in recent years, food allergy has become a major public health problem worldwide. The clinical symptoms caused by food allergy seriously affect people's quality of life; there are unknown allergen components in novel food and hidden allergens caused by cross contamination in food processing, which pose a serious risk to allergy sufferers. Thus, rapid and multiplex detection methods are required to achieve on-site detection or examination of allergic components, so as to identify the risk of allergy in time. This paper reviews the progress of high-efficiency detection of food allergens, including enhanced traditional detection techniques and emerging detection techniques with the ability high-throughput detection or screening potential food allergen, such as xMAP, biosensors, biochips, etc. focusing on their sensitivity, applicability of each method in food, along with their pretreatment, advantages, limitation in the application of food analysis. This paper also introduces the challenges faced by these high-efficiency detection technologies, as well as the potential of customized allergen screening methods and rapid on-site detection technology as future research directions.
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2023-02-04 09:13