Recurrent rewiring of the adult hippocampal mossy fiber system by a single transcriptional regulator, Id2

Luo, Wenshu; Egger, Matteo; Domonkos, Andor [Domonkos, Andor (Neurobiológia), author]; Que, Lin; Lukacsovich, David; Cruz-Ochoa, Natalia Andrea; Szőcs, Szilárd [Szőcs, Szilárd (Orvos), author] Institute of Physiology (UP / UPMS); Szentágothai Research Centre (UP); Seng, Charlotte; Arszovszki, Antónia [Arszovszki, Antónia (Neurobiológia), author] Laboratory of Cellular Neuropharmacology; Sipos, Eszter [Bodóné Sipos, Eszter (Idegtudomány), author] Laboratory of Cellular Neuropharmacology; Amrein, Irmgard; Winterer, Jochen; Lukacsovich, Tamás; Szabadics, János [Szabadics, János (Celluláris neurof...), author] Laboratory of Cellular Neuropharmacology; Wolfer, David P; Varga, Csaba [Varga, Csaba (Neurobiológia), author] Institute of Physiology (UP / UPMS); Cortical microcircuits research group (UP / SZRC); Földy, Csaba ✉

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Circuit formation in the central nervous system has been historically studied during development, after which cell-autonomous and nonautonomous wiring factors inactivate. In principle, balanced reactivation of such factors could enable further wiring in adults, but their relative contributions may be circuit dependent and are largely unknown. Here, we investigated hippocampal mossy fiber sprouting to gain insight into wiring mechanisms in mature circuits. We found that sole ectopic expression of Id2 in granule cells is capable of driving mossy fiber sprouting in healthy adult mouse and rat. Mice with the new mossy fiber circuit solved spatial problems equally well as controls but appeared to rely on local rather than global spatial cues. Our results demonstrate reprogrammed connectivity in mature neurons by one defined factor and an assembly of a new synaptic circuit in adult brain.
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