Comparative study on the rheological and baking behaviour of enzyme-treated and arabinoxylan-enriched gluten-free straight dough and sourdough small-scale systems

Farkas, Alexandra [Farkas, Alexandra (Gabonakémia és ga...), szerző] Alkalmazott Biotechnológia és Élelmiszertudomán... (BME / VBK); Szepesvári, Pálma; Németh, Renáta [Németh, Renáta (Biotechnológia), szerző] Alkalmazott Biotechnológia és Élelmiszertudomán... (BME / VBK); Bender, Denisse; Schoenlechner, Regine; Tömösközi, Sándor ✉ [Tömösközi, Sándor (gabonafélék), szerző] Alkalmazott Biotechnológia és Élelmiszertudomán... (BME / VBK)

Angol nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
Megjelent: JOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE 0733-5210 1095-9963 101 Paper: 103292 , 10 p. 2021
  • SJR Scopus - Food Science: Q1
The aim of this study was to investigate the mixing behaviour and the baking performance of millet and buckwheat white and wholemeal flours in real dough systems. Furthermore arabinoxylan addition (1% and 3% (m/m)) and oxidative enzyme treatment (0.89U/g flour) were applied. All measuments were carried out on small-scale (4 g flour/dough and 15 g flour/bread) further examining the applicability of size reduced baking tests in the analyis of gluten-free end-products. Arabinoxylan addition reduced, but enzyme treatment increased the maximum consistency of the doughs. The development time and degree of softening were highly increased by AX. The specific volume was increased and the crumb hardness was decreased by adding arabinoxylan, however the enzyme had various effects in both dough systems. The observed phenomena highly depended on the right proportion of treatments and the complexity and the chemical composition of the flours: in the white flour systems, changes were more obvious than in the wholemeal flour systems. Sourdough could improve the final product quality in itself and could mask the effects of the additives. It can be concluded that the small-scale tests can be capable of describing the diverseness of the rheological behaviour and the baking performance in both straigh dough and sourdough systems.
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