On the stochastic Allen-Cahn equation on networks with multiplicative noise (vol 7, pg 1, 2021)

Kovacs, Mihaly ✉ [Kovács, Mihály (Alkalmazott Matem...), author] Információs Technológiai és Bionikai Kar (PPCU); Sikolya, Eszter [Sikolya, Eszter (Matematika), author] Analysis (RAMKI); Department of Applied Analysis and Computationa... (ELTE / ELU FoS / IM)

English Scientific Comment, Correction (Journal Article)
      We reprove Proposition 3.8 in our paper that was published in [Electron. J. Qual. Theory Differ. Equ. 2021, No. 7, 1-24], to fill a gap in the proof of Corollary 3.7 where the density of one of the embeddings does not follow by the original arguments. We further carry out some minor corrections in the proof of Corollary 3.7, in Remark 3.1 and in the formula (3.23) of the original paper.
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      2021-12-03 17:17