Proof of Concept Clinical Trial of Bioimpedance-based NAFLD Diagnosis Technique

Gyorfi, Nina; Odry, Akos [Odry, Ákos (Villamosmérnöki t...), szerző] Mechatronikai és Automatizálási Intézet (SZTE / MK); Karadi, Zoltan [Karádi, Zoltán György (Élettan és kóréle...), szerző] Élettani Intézet (PTE / ÁOK); Odry, Peter [Odry, Péter (alkalmazott infor...), szerző]; Vereczkei, Andras [Vereczkei, András (Sebészet), szerző] Sebészeti Klinika (PTE / ÁOK); Kuljic, Bojan [Kuljić, Bojan (Biomedicine), szerző] Alkalmazott Informatikai és Alkalmazott Matemat... (ÓE); Vizvári, Zoltán [Vizvári, Zoltán Ákos (Roncsolásmentes a...), szerző] Környezetmérnök Tanszék (PTE / MIK / MSTI); Toth, Attila [Tóth, Attila (Neurobiológia), szerző] Élettani Intézet (PTE / ÁOK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    Nowadays, the gold standard for the diagnosis of liver disease is histological examination. However, due to the dangers and complications of liver biopsy, there is a worldwide demand for the development of non-invasive procedures that can accurately determine the degree of hepatic steatosis, furthermore is cost-effective, user-friendly, and provides repeatable measurement. Based on the metrological experience of our research team, we started developing an electrical impedance-based diagnostic method a few years ago that meets these requirements and is suitable for early detection of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) with the help of a world-new measurement and data collection solution. In addition to the preliminar results of the long-term clinical validation of the diagnostic method developed to detect NAFLD, the authors present early partial results. Even with the small amount of data, very impressive results have been obtained.
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    2022-01-21 12:15