The New Etymological Dictionary of Hungarian Idioms and Proverbs

Bárdosi, Vilmos [Bárdosi, Vilmos (Francia nyelvészet), author] ELTE BTK RoI Francia Nyelvi és Irodalmi Tanszék (ELTE / EUL FoH)

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
Published: OPEN LINGUISTICS 2300-9969 3 (1) pp. 86-99 2017
      After briefly surveying the research carried out in Hungary on the origin of sayings, proverbs and adages, this paper introduces and exemplifies the way the new Hungarian phraseological etymological dictionary has been compiled. It subsequently presents excerpts from the dictionary that will expound on the origin of 1800 set phrases and statistically analyses the linguistic, cultural-historical, historical, literary, ethnographic and intercultural background of the Hungarian set phrases included in the dictionary.
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