The Location and Rate of the Phosphate Release Step in the Muscle Cross-Bridge Cycle.

Offer, Gerald; Ranatunga, K W

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 0006-3495 1542-0086 119 (8) pp. 1501-1512 2020
  • SJR Scopus - Biophysics: D1
It is controversial whether the phosphate (Pi) release step in the cross-bridge cycle occurs before or after the first tension-generating step and whether it is fast or slow. We have therefore modified our previous model of the frog cross-bridge cycle by including a Pi release step either before (model A) or after (model B) the first tension-generating step and refined the two models by downhill simplex runs against experimental data for the force-velocity relation and the tension transients after length steps. Pi release step was initially made slow (70 s-1), but after refinement, it became fast (∼500 s-1 for model A and ∼6000 s-1 for model B). The two models gave similar fits to the experimental tension transients after length steps, but model A gave a better fit to the lengthening limb of the force-velocity relation than model B. 50 mM Pi inhibited the isometric tension of model A by ∼50% but that of model B by only ∼25%. The half-inhibition was at 6.0 mM Pi for model A and at 1.6 mM Pi for model B. The values for model A were consistent with experimental data. We also simulated the effect Pi jump as in caged Pi experiments. For model A, a Pi jump induced a tension fall at a rate similar to the experimental phase II. There was then a small rise in tension to the steady state mimicking the experimental phase III. The initial tension fall was caused by detachment of M⋅ADP⋅Pi myosin heads from actin and reversal of the first tension-generating step. For model B, the fall in tension was more rapid and due to reversal of the first tension-generating step, and phase III was not observed. We conclude that, as in model A, the Pi release step is before the first tension-generating step and is moderately fast.
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