Open Source Software’s Expanding Role in the Customer Relationship Management

Kaderják, Gyula [Kaderják, Gyula (Számítástechnika), szerző] Módszertani, Közgazdasági Informatikai Intézeti... (BGF / PSZK / ZEI); Simon, András [Simon, András (Informatika), szerző] Módszertani, Közgazdasági Informatikai Intézeti... (BGF / PSZK / ZEI)

Magyar nyelvű Szaktanulmány (Könyvrészlet) Tudományos
    • MTMT: 31903218
    The object of this study is a comprehensive review of the open source customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The open source softwares have become one of the most important trends in the software industry recently. Similarly, the CRM systems are applied more increasingly in several fields of economy. The CRM is not merely a subsequent software technology and application in the field of Business Intelligence, but rather a novel, comprehensive customer-centric approach to an organization’s philosophy in dealing with its customer for the sake of realization of short- and long-range business target contrary to the traditionally widespread product-centric approach. Following a short synopsis of the theoretical and practical aspects of the CRM systems we analyse the scope of CRM-supported business activities and processes, then the actual market forecasts and the range of the effective and potential users of the proprietary and open source CRM solutions. We make an attempt to give a general overview of the advantages and disadvantages of applying open source CRM software solutions including the discussion of user benefits and costs and the applied software technologies.
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    2024-06-15 09:45