Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis of Marketing Master Student’s Job Preferences

Kun, Zsuzsanna [Kun, Zsuzsanna (marketing), szerző] Marketingkutatás és Fogyasztói Magatartás Tanszék (BCE / MI); Simon, Judit [Simon, Judit (Üzleti tudományok...), szerző] Marketing és Média Intézet (BCE / GK); Pusztai, Tamás

Angol nyelvű Konferenciaközlemény (Egyéb konferenciaközlemény) Tudományos
    • Gazdálkodás és innováció
    This study focusing on the preferences of Hungarian Marketing MSc students on the job market while using CBCA conjoint analysis. An alternative preference technique is used in the first phase as the attributes are ordinal. Our results show that three different categories of attributes might be differentiated along with their importance. The most important category is net income. The second ‘middle’ the category consists of ‘distance from home’, ‘payment method’, and ‘employer type’. The third least important category consists of ‘home office’, ‘working hours’, ‘extra programs’ and ‘training’. ‘Payment method’ receives the most significant influences. ‘Gender’, ‘region of origin’, ‘academic influence’, and ‘type of permanent residence’ has an impact on its importance. This attribute is the only not fixed feature in the middle important attribute set.
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    2022-08-11 07:33