Current perspectives on the software engineering process

Biro, Miklos ✉ [Bíró, Miklós (Matematika és szá...), szerző]; Colomo-Palacios, Ricardo; Messnarz, Richard

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Ismertetés (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE-EVOLUTION AND PROCESS 2047-7473 2047-7481 32 (11) Paper: e2313 , 3 p. 2020
      This volume comprises a selected set of high-quality and extended articles of the 26th Systems, Software and Services Process Improvement (EuroSPI) Conference, held during September 18-20, 2019 in Edinburgh, UK. Conferences were held in Dublin (Ireland) in 1994, in Vienna (Austria) in 1995, in Brighton (UK) in 1996, in Budapest (Hungary) in 1997, in Gothenburg (Sweden) in 1998, in Pori (Finland) in 1999, in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2000, in Limerick (Ireland) in 2001, in Nuremberg (Germany) in 2002, in Graz (Austria) in 2003, in Trondheim (Norway) in 2004, in Budapest (Hungary) in 2005, in Joensuu (Finland) in 2006, in Potsdam (Germany) in 2007, in Dublin (Ireland) in 2008, in Alcala (Spain) in 2009, in Grenoble (France) in 2010, in Roskilde (Denmark) in 2011, in Vienna (Austria) in 2012, in Dundalk (Ireland) in 2013, in Luxembourg in 2014, in Ankara (Turkey) in 2015, in Graz (Austria) in 2016, in Ostrava (Czech Republic) in 2017, in Bilbao (Spain) in 2018, and in Edinburgh (UK) in 2019.
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