Nganasan Spoken Language Corpus (NSLC)

Wagner-Nagy, Beáta; Gusev, Valentin; Brykina, Maria; Szeverényi, Sándor [Szeverényi, Sándor (Nyelvészet), author] Department of Finno-Ugristics (USZ / FHS / MNYII)

English, Russian and German Scientific Database (Miscellaneous)
Published: 2016
    The Nganasan Spoken Language Corpus (NSLC) has been created as part of Corpus based grammatical studies on Nganasan project (supported by the German Research Grant; WA3153/2-1) whose primary goal is to generate a digital, machine-searchable corpus of spoken Nganasan and based on this corpus, to prepare a corpus-based reference grammar of the language. This project fills basic gaps in the existing research into Nganasan descriptive grammar creating new and more widely accessible materials and information on this lesser known and severely endangered Uralic language. This first version 0.1 of the corpus is a subcorpus that comprises 55 communications, 42 of which contain an aligned audio recording, with glossed (Toolbox/FLEx) and annotated (EXMARaLDA) transcripts from 15 speakers. All texts have been translated into Russian and English, some also into German. The corpus also contains rich metadata on the communications and speakers.
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