The impact of digital technologies on accounting in light of the challenges of Society 5.0

Izabella, Krajnik ✉ [KRÁJNIK, Izabella (számvitel), szerző]; Robert, Demeter [Demeter, Robert (Computer Science), szerző]

Magyar nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
Megjelent: CIVIL SZEMLE 1786-3341 17 (3) pp. 115-129 2020
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At the turn of the century and millennium, humanity faces global challenges that it seeks to understand, to which it seeks theoretical and practical answers. If we refer only to one of the fundamental, extremely far-reaching shifts of focus in recent decades, which the authors of this article have sought to support with their own research in digital technologies and accounting, the use of digitization in accounting is no longer to monitor, analyze, query and evaluate data. The emergence of digital solutions in the world of accounting may facilitate but not replace the work of accountants.One of the trends shaping the business world is the technological transformation, the adaptation to the changed work environment that digitalization brings with it. In particular, efforts to invest in people are focus on the use of human resource technology solutions. With the expansion of internet use, mobile applications and social media, the number of users is increasing, and service providers are developing their services and the resources and infrastructure that serve it to meet this. Digital solutions provide many advances a services and higher added value for the participants of the economy, both in terms of services and the resources and infrastructure that serve them. The digitization of human resources the integration of workers' activities towards making the most of the opportunities offered by digital technologies, initially requires significant resources, but overall it reduces costs and increases profits in the longer term.
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