Lidocaine Binding Enhances Inhibition of Nav1.7 Channels by the Sulfonamide PF-05089771

Jo, Sooyeon; Bean, Bruce P. ✉

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY 0026-895X 1521-0111 97 (6) pp. 377-383 2020
  • SJR Scopus - Molecular Medicine: Q1
    PF-05089771 is an aryl sulfonamide Nav1.7 channel blocker that binds to the inactivated state of Nav1.7 channels with high affinity but binds only weakly to channels in the resting state. Such aryl sulfonamide Nav1.7 channel blockers bind to the extracellular surface of the S1-S4 voltage-sensor segment of homologous Domain 4, whose movement is associated with inactivation. This binding site is different from that of classic sodium channel inhibitors like lidocaine, which also bind with higher affinity to the inactivated state than the resting state but bind at a site within the pore of the channel. The common dependence on gating state with distinct binding sites raises the possibility that inhibition by aryl sulfonamides and by classic local anesthetics might show an interaction mediated by their mutual state dependence. We tested this possibility by examining the state-dependent inhibition by PF-05089771 and lidocaine of human Nav1.7 channels expressed in human embryonic kidney 293 cells. At -80 mV, where a small fraction of channels are in an inactivated state under drug-free conditions, inhibition by PF-05089771 was both enhanced and speeded in the presence of lidocaine. The results suggest that lidocaine binding to the channel enhances PF-05089771 inhibition by altering the equilibrium between resting states (with D4S4 in the inner position) and inactivated states (with D4S4 in the outer position). The gating state-mediated interaction between the compounds illustrates a principle applicable to many state-dependent agents.SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENTThe results show that lidocaine enhances the degree and rate of inhibition of Nav1.7 channels by the aryl sulfonamide compound PF-05089771, consistent with state-dependent binding by lidocaine increasing the fraction of channels presenting a high-affinity binding site for PF-05089771 and suggesting that combinations of agents targeted to the pore-region binding site of lidocaine and the external binding site of aryl sulfonamides may have synergistic actions.
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