Life Cycle approach of a new Industrial Symbiosis alternative

Gál, Balázs [Gál, Balázs Sándor (környezet gazdasá...), author]; Bodnárné, Sándor Renáta; István, Zsolt

English Scientific Conference paper (Chapter in Book)
    LCA Center Association on behalf of IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. made this research for the Development of Industry in connection with CIRCE2020 project. This project is supported by European Union INTERREG Central Europe Program. In the frame of CIRCE2020 the participants searching new technologies in the field of waste treatment, in order to close the loop of material flows in case of different companies. During this project had to search these possibilities on the industrial areas of Central Europe. As partners form Hungary, the IFKA and Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. are working on this project. This study contains MFA, LCA and LCC result from the possible waste streams. The MFA outcomes will be an important part the further life cycle analysis. During the analysis had to compare the currently and one (or more) possible (developed) way of waste handling. This research can help achieve the concept of industrial symbiosis and circular economy on the pilot areas.
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    2021-09-21 03:33