On the correction of processed archive rainfall data of siphoned rainfall recorders

rácz, tibor [Rácz, Tibor Ferenc (water engineering), author] Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences (HUALS / MATE DI)

English Scientific Note, Short, Rapid communications (Journal Article)
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    Archive rainfall data registered by siphoned rainfall writer (SRW) devices are widely used for a long time in rainfall intensity investigations. A relatively known counting error of the SRW devices is the siphoning error, when the registration of rainfall is blocked temporarily, during the drainage of measure unit. This issue causes a systematic underestimation in the rainfall and rainfall intensity measurement results. To reduce its consequences a data correction is crucial when SRW data are used, for example as a reference for climate comparison studies, or for proceeding of Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves, etc. In this paper, a formula has been presented to fix the siphonage error of SRW devices for archive rainfall data. The early measures were processed in a significant percentage of cases, and sometimes the original measurement results (registering banner) has been lost. An essential advantage of the presented formula is that it can be applied for these processed data which show only the intensity of a known length time interval. For this correction, the average rainfall intensity and the length of the time window are needed, over the physical parameters of the SRW device.The data correction can provide a fixed value of the rainfall intensity, which is undoubtedly closer to the real average rainfall intensity. The importance of this formula is in the reprocessing and validation of the archive rainfall intensity data, measured by siphoned rainfall writers.
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    2021-10-28 00:19