Development of nuclear power plant basic principle simulators as tools for nuclear engineering education

Fehér, S. [Fehér, Sándor (reaktorfizika), szerző] Nukleáris Technika Tanszék (BME / TTK / NTI); Czifrus, S. [Czifrus, Szabolcs (Nukleáris technika), szerző] Atomenergetika Tanszék (BME / TTK / NTI); Lőrincz, J.; Varju, T. [Varju, Tamás (Áramlás és hőtech...), szerző] Nukleáris Technikai Intézet (BME / TTK); Aszódi, A. [Aszódi, Attila (Energetika, atome...), szerző] Nukleáris Technikai Intézet (BME / TTK); Csom, G. [Csom, Gyula (Magenergetikai be...), szerző] Nukleáris Technikai Intézet (BME / TTK)

Angol nyelvű Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet) Tudományos
    • Energiarendszerek (előállítás, elosztás, alkalmazás)
    • Nukleáris technika és a kapcsolódó műszaki tudományok
    • Numerikus analízis, szimuláció, optimalizálás, modellező eszközök, adatbányászat
    • Tudományos számítási, szimulációs és modellező eszközök
    Our Institute has been developing PC-based nuclear power plant (NPP) basic principle simulators for over 30 years. The main goal of this development is to provide the nuclear engineering education at the university with tools capable to illustrate the fundamental physical processes going on in the primary and secondary circuit of an NPP. The simulators were integrated into our training courses in the last three decades. The firstly developed primary circuit basic principle simulator, PC2 is still the most often and most widespread used one despite the fact that it was written for old DOS operating system and thus nowadays is of restricted applicability. Therefore, the development of a new PC2+ simulator started in 2016 based on the training experience accumulated and with support of a national research grant. Its scope of simulation is practically the same as that of the old PC2 but it has various model extensions and new features. The graphical user interface (visualization/interaction) program module and the simulation model computing module are two separate programs (executable codes) which may run on a single or on two different computers as well. This feature of PC2+ allows for using it via internet and opens new possibilities both in classroom exercises and distant learning. © 2020 SEFI 47th Annual Conference: Varietas Delectat... Complexity is the New Normality, Proceedings. All rights reserved.
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