Dynamic Actor Migration for a Distributed Actor Library

Budanaz, Yakup Koray

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Diplomamunka, szakdolgozat, TDK dolgozat (Egyéb)
Megjelent: pp. 1-89 2020
    • MTMT: 31611097
    With hardware architectures and software becoming ever more complex, applications in high performance computing are required to dynamically adapt to any workload imbalance that can be caused by multiple sources. In order to facilitate dynamic workload-balancing in the UPC++ Actor Library, Actorlib, the requirements for actor migration between nodes are implemented and possible approaches and strategies to migrate actors are proposed. The implemented migration strategies and the choices between various implementations are discussed and their results are analyzed. The analysis shows that optimal partitioning of the the actors have a higher impact on the run-time compared to adapting to the finer workload imbalances in the system. Lastly better strategies that do not worsen the partitioning of the system is proposed.
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    2021-05-15 20:06