T-Star: A Text-based iStar Modeling Tool

Chen, Yiwen; Wang, Yuanpeng; Hou, Yixuan; Wang, Yunduo ✉

English Scientific
    iStar framework is an effective means for modeling and analyzing goals and interactions among social agents. Most of existing iStar modeling tools build iStar models via a graphical manner, which has a steep learning curve and suffer from scalability issues. Especially when dealing with large-scale models in industrial settings, it is very time consuming to play with the layout of models. In this paper, we present a tool which allows users to build iStar models from textual descriptions of systems. And the established models are then visualized with reasonable layouts. In particular, our tool supports both SD (Strategic Dependency) view and SR (Strategic Rationale) view of iStar models.
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    2022-05-19 13:58