Integration of Incremental Build Systems Into Software Comprehension Tools

Máté, Cserép [Cserép, Máté (informatika), szerző] Programozáselmélet és Szoftvertechnológia Tanszék (ELTE / IK); Anett, Fekete [Fekete, Anett (Informatika), szerző] PhD Informatika Doktori Iskola (ELTE / IK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Egyéb konferenciaközlemény)
    • MTMT: 31397211
    Standalone code comprehension tools and similar features of integrated development environments (IDE) both aim to support the development and the maintenance of large (legacy) software. When applied to actively developed projects, it is essential to process the most recent revision of the source code in real time. Since a complete analysis of the codebase might take up significant time (even hours), the inclusion of incremental parsing is indispensable. However, the utilized build system of a software project is tightly coupled with the source code: over the time not only the content of the source files can be amended, but translation units can be added or removed and the parameters of the existing build instructions might also change. This paper intends to describe how the incremental update of the build system of a software facilitates the maintenance of the software workspace database in a code comprehension tool by completing the workflow of incremental parsing. We describe why including the build system in incremental parsing is relevant as well as the actual method of parsing build commands. We show that updating the build system is more cost-effective to a ratio than disposing of the existing build command database. The paper also compares the incremental parsing of build systems to that of actual source code.
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    2021-04-18 22:33