Analysis of Ride-sharing based on Newton's gravity model

Nagy, Simon [Nagy, Simon (közlekedésinforma...), szerző] Közlekedésüzemi és Közlekedésgazdasági Tanszék (BME / KJK); Csiszar, Csaba [Csiszár, Csaba (Közlekedéstudomány), szerző] Közlekedés- és Járműirányítási Tanszék (BME / KJK); Közlekedésüzemi és Közlekedésgazdasági Tanszék (BME / KJK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    Ride-sharing is often analysed by travel motivation, pricing, etc. However, the correspondences between the number of trips and main variables (e.g. population, road type) have not been revealed yet. Our purpose is to develop a model, based on Newton’s model of gravity to describe these correspondences. With this model, it is possible to identify the characteristic distance types and the relationship between location types. Our model is trip and vehicle oriented. We identified the variables (such as socio-demographical issues, alternate mobility solutions, etc.) influencing usage of ride-sharing services. Based on the results, we have the opportunity to answer positioning problems of ride-sharing as well as support vehicle and infrastructural investments.
    Hivatkozás stílusok: IEEEACMAPAChicagoHarvardCSLMásolásNyomtatás
    2021-10-21 13:07