Component-based error detection of P4 programs

Tóth, Gabriella [Tóth, Gabriella (Informatikai tudo...), szerző] Programozási Nyelvek és Fordítóprogramok Tanszék (ELTE / IK); PhD Informatika Doktori Iskola (ELTE / IK); Dr. Tejfel, Máté [Tejfel, Máté (Formális módszerek), szerző] Programozási Nyelvek és Fordítóprogramok Tanszék (ELTE / IK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Egyéb konferenciaközlemény)
    • MTMT: 31381319
    P4 is a domain-specific language to develop the packet processing of network devices. These programs can easily hide errors, therefore we give a solution to analyze them and detect predefined errors in them. This paper shows the idea, which works with the P4 code as a set of components and processes them one by one, while calculating their pre- and post-conditions. This method does not only detect errors between the components and their connections, but it is capable to reveal errors, which are hidden in the middle of a component. The paper introduces the method and shows its calculation in an example.
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    2022-01-17 04:51