International Financial Management

Kiss, Gábor Dávid [Kiss, Gábor Dávid (közgazdaságtan), szerző] Pénzügytani Szakcsoport (SZTE / GTK / PNGKI)

Angol nyelvű Oktatási Oktatási anyag (Könyv)
Megjelent: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged, Szeged, Magyarország, 120 p. 2020
    This book was written to support the lecture material within the International Financial Management course for students of the International Economy and Business MSc Programme with intermediate financial knowledge – namely students who already completed the International Finance course. Therefore readers must utilize their knowledge within the field of financial corporate management and case study solving. The chapters are structured to first introduce the case study which will be solved during the semester from the following aspects: reorganisation, valuation, taxation, financial stress, exchange rate exposure as well as long- and short term funding. All main chapters start out with the related theoretical background to orient the reader, followed by an exercise. This is later followed by some sample solutions and a guide to help the script writing in Matlab for optimization purposes. Each theoretical section ends with the lists of essential literature.
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