Patient Education on Infection Control : A Systematic Review

Hammoud, Sahar ✉ [Hammoud, Sahar (Health Sciences), szerző] Egészségtudományi Doktori Iskola (PTE / DI); Amer, Faten [Amer, Faten (Egészségtudományi), szerző] Egészségtudományi Doktori Iskola (PTE / DI); Lohner, Szimonetta [Lohner, Szimonetta (Gyermekgyógyászat), szerző] Magyar Cochrane Tagozat (PTE / ÁOK); Kocsis, Béla [Kocsis, Béla (Orvosi mikrobiológia), szerző] Orvosi Mikrobiológiai és Immunitástani Intézet (PTE / ÁOK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
  • SJR Scopus - Health Policy: Q1
Lately, suggestions have been emphasizing the importance of engaging patients and family members in Infection Control (IC) through participation and education after showing that patients and family members can aid in preventing the transmission of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). However, assessing patient education on IC measures in hospitals is poorly investigated.To identify all available studies in the literature that assessed hospitalized patients' education on IC measures.PubMed, Embase, and CINAHL were searched from inception till May 6, 2020 without restrictions. We used the STROBE tool for assessing the reporting quality of each eligible study.Of the 6740 identified papers, 25 were eligible for inclusion. Education on HAIs was investigated in eight studies, education on central line-associated bloodstream infections in one, education on surgical site infections in two, education on hand hygiene in 12, education on isolation rationale, precautions, and usage of personal protective equipment in three, and education on respiratory hygiene in one. In general, a low percentage of patient education on IC was found in most of the included papers.The low percentage of patient education on IC in hospitals highlights the need for additional emphasis on patient involvement in IC. Further studies are needed to assess patient education on several IC measures and to explore the education of family members as well.
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2020-08-03 20:37