On the Privacy Risks of Large-Scale Processing of Face Imprints

Fábián, István [Fábián, István (AUT), author] Department of Automation and Applied Informatics (BUTE / FEEI); Research Group of Students Balatonfüred (BUTE / FEEI); Gulyás, Gábor György [Gulyás, Gábor György (adatvédelem), author] Department of Automation and Applied Informatics (BUTE / FEEI)

English Scientific Conference paper (Conference paper)
    • MTMT: 31331712
      As technology advances, the number of applications relying on face recognition is on the rise. While facial recognition technologies have many benefits, it's important to use them in a responsible manner in order to avoid privacy risks. In this paper we analyze the privacy risks of the processing of face imprints generated by face recognition technologies. We characterize the risks of re-identification attacks against facial imprint databases in multiple scenarios regarding different attacker strength. Our findings show that even if a large number of subjects are surveilled and the attacker can only inefficiently benefit from using the embeddings, the risk of re-identification is still concerning.
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      2021-11-28 04:26