Telbisz, Tamás [Telbisz, Tamás Ferenc (Földrajz), szerző] Természetföldrajzi Tanszék (ELTE / TTK / Frt_K); Brankov, Jovana; Ćalić, Jelena; Mari, László [Mari, László (Geomorfológia, tá...), szerző] Természetföldrajzi Tanszék (ELTE / TTK / Frt_K)

Magyar nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: KARSZTFEJLŐDÉS 1585-5473 XXIV. pp. 93-111 2019
    Tara National Park (Serbia) founded in 1981 is well known for its biodiversity and karst landforms. However, until now, only little information has been published about the geomorphological characteristics of Tara NP. Thus, in this paper, we demonstrate the high geodiversity of Tara NP and we analyse the geomorphology by using both GIS tools and field observations. Especially, the morphometrical parameters of dolines and of the Drina river gorge are discussed in detail. A smaller part of this paper deals with certain social characteristics of the Tara area, because we believe that human-environment relationships are key issues in holistic geographic thinking, further on, we recognized that many European karst areas have similar social characteristics: depopulation, ageing and high unemployment, but there is also a potential in (geo)tourism. The above processes and potentials are present in Tara NP as well, thus, we briefly demonstrate the particular case of Tara NP. In some cases, nature protection and tourism are in conflict, but both of them are important factors in sustainable development, this is why the actual role of tourism and some karst-related touristic values (e.g. canyoning) are also shortly demonstrated in this paper. Most stakeholders agree that rural tourism, ecotourism and local brands can be important factors in the development of this protected area.
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