Analyses of a model-based real-time language embedded in C++

Prastowo, Tadeus; Palopoli, Luigi; Abeni, Luca; Lipari, Giuseppe

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    Real-time languages found in the literature, starting with Esterelup to Timed C, cannot be compiled using o-the-shelf C++compil-ers and processed by o-the-shelf C++tools (e.g., editors, debuggers,program analyzers). Since C++is one of the de facto languages toprogram real-time systems, recently Tice has been proposed asa real-time language that is embedded in C++by means of TMP(template metaprogramming) so that the experience of program-ming in Tice is the experience of using an ordinary C++library,and as such, Tice programs are compilable and processable usingo-the-shelf C++compilers and tools. The proposal, however, onlydescribed Tice syntax, semantics, and the compile-time model anal-yses performed by the language implementation without addressingpractical compilation times, which could prevent wide-spread adop-tion. Considering its novelty, potential industrial impact, and theimplementation’s repository being public, we analyzed its time com-plexity and validated our analyses empirically by using GCC andClang, the widely available industrial o-the-shelf compilers. Fur-thermore, during analysis we learned the engineering techniquesthat likely shorten compilation times and make the complex lan-guage implementation possible. This paper presents our analyses,their empirical validations, and the engineering techniques learned.
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    2020-11-28 02:45