The effect of gallium salt on preventing and treating osteoporosis

Wei, P. ✉; Zhilun, W.; Jingqiao, L.

Kínai nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
    Objective: To acquire the effect of gallium salt on preventing and treating osteoporosis. Methods: The experiment was composed of two steps: (1) Duplicating an animal model of osteoporosis; (2) Treating the rats with gallium salt. Results: (1) All the experimental parameters of osteoporosis decreased and had significant difference compared to those of the controls; (2) The pathologic bone resorption changes in therapeutic group are alleviated and have significant difference in comparison to control group. The bone intensity also appeared an improving trend. Conclusion: Gallium salt has therapeutic effect on osteoporosis or is able to retard the progress of this disease.
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    2021-05-12 20:16