A proposed controlled setting of artificial corrosion for adverse impact examination on metallic pipes located in oxygen-sufficient environment

Hoang, Dinh Thien [Hoang, Thien (geotechnika), szerző]; Balázs, Kovács [Kovács, Balázs (Hidrogeológia), szerző]; Madarász, Tamás [Madarász, Tamás (hidrogeológia), szerző] Környezetgazdálkodási Intézet (ME / MFTK); Imre, Czinkota [Czinkota, Imre (Talajkémia), szerző]

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    One of the most significant current discussions in fluid transport industry is how to retain long lasting life in service of the metallic pipeline system under the severe physical and chemical conditions. Of this concern, electrochemical corrosion has always been the persistent problem sparking off material degradation and therefore sometimes a tremendous harmful consequence accompanied. From time to time, an aging pipe with a minute rupture appears will obviously pose problem of product safety, environmental affair and in some instances, could be a catastrophe. Nevertheless, there have been only several investigations into the localized accelerated dissolution of iron and tended to focus on understanding the degradation of metallic pipe. To tackle this matter, an artificial corrosion system was initially installed to examine removed iron amount in mass using Faraday laws. This primary data could be a prerequisite for further comparisons to see the critical factors and therefore expect to have a rough estimation of pipe’s remaining strength.
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    2022-06-27 17:41