Inspecting methods for conduits tracing and leak detection of water in utility reticulation pipes: case studies in Hungary

Hoang, Dinh Thien [Hoang, Thien (geotechnika), szerző]; Madarász, Tamás [Madarász, Tamás (hidrogeológia), szerző] Környezetgazdálkodási Intézet (ME / MFTK); Fekete, Zsombor [Fekete, Zsombor (Hidrogeológia), szerző]; Kovács, Balázs [Kovács, Balázs (Hidrogeológia), szerző]

Angol nyelvű Absztrakt / Kivonat (Könyvrészlet) Tudományos
    • MTMT: 31205046
    Today, securing, utilizing drinking water reasonably and excluding water loss are drawing multisectors’ primary international and national concern. As a result of the ruptures in aging distribution networks, a considerable amount of water loss is challenging the water utilities and authorities. The critically important issue is how to locate leakage among a colossal water mains, of them the contributed pipes are usually made of diverse materials and laid at different depths underground. The present work emphasized some practical geophysical methods for conduits tracing such as: ground penetrating radar (GPR), magnetometer, multichannel resistivity induce polarization (IP) and electromagnetic locator, drew a comparison between them. Regarding leakage detection techniques, after briefly refering to all of the water loss analysis, pressure management, acoustic methods, and remote sensing-based method, this research recommended some ways to unify these methods. The proposed combination of traditional and novel methods helps elevate the advantages and neglect the demerits of each method, significantly improve the efficiency in leakage detection technique. The paper took a Hungarian as a pilot study, that would be tangible evidence for water leakage detection in Central Euro, one of the most famous area for water resource management. Moreover, the authors have put forward several coherent theories to partly explain possible grounds of this declining water infrastructure that exist all over the world. Several geotechnical factors and possibly relevant geotechnical testing methods are also referred in order to put forward for further studies.
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    2022-06-27 17:16