Mapping the Hot Topics in Library and Information Science Field in Period 2015-2018 Year

Papic, A. ✉; Buhin, M.

English Scientific
    Scientometrics encompasses evaluations of science and is often called science about science. In this paper scientometrics analysis was conducted in purpose of science mapping to provide better understanding of library and information science (LIS) field. The scientometrics analysis, in period 2015-2018 year, encompassed the total of 21 of LIS journals included into the first quartile within scholarly database Web of science. The total of 460 the most cited documents were extracted and analysed. The keywords of these 460 the most cited documents were grouped quantitatively according to their frequencies and qualitatively according to their semantics into ten broader categories or so called hot topics. The following ten hot topics in LIS field were recognized: scholarly communication, social media, information security and privacy, internet of things, big data analytics, electronic/mobile health, e-government, knowledge management, information retrieval and information behaviour. The revealed hot topics within the LIS field could be used as the directions for teachers, librarians, publishers, managers, students etc.
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    2021-09-23 17:28