Two-stage hybrid flow shop batching and lot streaming with variable sublots and sequence-dependent setups

Wang, Shasha ✉; Kurz, Mary; Mason, Scott Jennings; Rashidi, Eghbal

English Article (Journal Article) Scientific
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A paint manufacturing firm's customers typically place orders for two or more products simultaneously. Each product belongs to a family that denotes batching compatibility during manufacturing. Further, products can be split into several sublots to allow overlapping production in a two-stage hybrid flow shop wherein various identical, capacitated machines operate in parallel at each stage. We present a mixed-integer linear program (MILP) for this integrated batching and lot streaming problem with variable sublots, incompatible job families, and sequence-dependent setup times. The model determines the number and size of sublots for each product and the production sequencing for each sublot such that the total weighted completion time is minimised. To promote practical implementation, we develop and evaluate heuristics to efficiently solve this problem.
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2023-02-04 11:04