Micromachining of a High-Density Current-Conducting Ceramic With the Use of Electrical-Discharge Machining. Part 1

Kuzin, V V; Fedorov, S Yu; Szalay, Tibor [Szalay, Tibor (Gyártástechnológia), author] Department of Manufacturing Science and Enginee... (BUTE / FME); Farkas, Balázs [Farkas, Balázs Zsolt (Gyártástechnológia), author] Department of Manufacturing Science and Enginee... (BUTE / FME)

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
Published: REFRACTORIES AND INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS 1083-4877 57 (2) pp. 164-169 2016
  • SJR Scopus - Ceramics and Composites: Q3
    This article discusses technological aspects of the micromachining of semifinished products made of a high-density electrically conducting ceramic with the use of electrical discharge machining (EDM). It is established that an increase in pulse frequency during the EDM cutting of channels in semifinished products made of an oxide-carbide ceramic is accompanied by a decrease in the dimensions of the channel’s profile and the productivity of the machining operation, an increase in the roughness of the channel bottom, and an increase in wear of the tool-electrode.
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