Robot Navigation in Domestic Environments: Experiences Using RGB-D Sensors in Real Homes

de la Puente, Paloma ✉; Bajones, Markus; Reuther, Christian; Wolf, Daniel; Fischinger, David; Vincze, Markus

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  • SJR Scopus - Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Q1
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Future home and service robots will require advanced navigation and interaction capabilities. In particular, domestic environments present open challenges that are hard to identify by conducting controlled tests in home-like settings: there is the need to test and evaluate navigation in the actual homes of users. This paper presents the experiences of operating a mobile robot with manipulation capabilities and an open set of tasks in extensive trials with real users, in their own homes. The main difficulties encountered are the requirement to move safely in cluttered 3D environments, the problems related to navigation in narrow spaces, and the need for an adaptive rather than fixed way to approach the users. We describe our solutions based on RGB-D perception and evaluate the integrated system for navigation in real home environments, pointing out remaining challenges towards more advanced commercial solutions.
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2023-03-25 17:25